RFP (3rd Call) for providing Vehicles and Equipment on Hire basis to Kurnool Airport
Construction of Greenfield no frills Airport at Orvakal in Kurnool district Andhra Pradesh - Package 2 - Balance work 4th call Reverse Tendering
ATC Specifications
ATC Block Electrical Drawings
ATC Elevations
ATC Elec
ATC False Ceiling
ATC First Floor Camera Positions
Atc Tower Structure Revised At Fourth Floor
Atc Mezzanine Camera Positions
Atc Tower Reflected Ceiling Plan With Electrical Superimposed
Atc Third Fourth Floor Camera Positions
Atc Second Floor Camera Positions
Atc Ground Floor Camera Positions
Pump Room
Pump Room 1
Pump Room Electrical
Revised PTB Floor Plan With Camera Locations
Frisking Room Detail
Frisking Room (Electrical)
OHT 01
OHT 02
OHT 03
OHT Staircase Detail
Pump Room Electrical
Substation 2
Truss Detail
SC 1 Col Detail
Watch Tower
Watch Tower 1
Watch Tower 2
Color Scheme
Color Specifications
Electrical Ptb Atc
Lintel Detail
PTB Specifications
Site Layout Electrical
Addendum 1-EoI for Technical Consultant -Sri Satya Sai Airport, Puttaparthi
Puttaparthi Airport - EOI for Appointment of Technical Consultants
RFP for Vehicle and Equipment Hire Services at Kurnool Airport (2nd call) - Change in Bid submission
SBD Kurnool Airport Package-2 Balance work
Addendum 1 - Package 2
RFP ( 2nd Call) - Vehicle and Equipment Hire Base Services for Kurnool Airport
Amendment 1 - Extension of Time - EoI for selection of Operator for Aerosports and Flight Training Operations
Request for Proposal - Vehicles and Equipment Hire Services for Kurnool Airport
EOI for Aero-sports and/or Flight Training Academy Operator - Kurnool Airport, AndhraPradesh
{SITC - Night Landing fecilities at Kurnool Airport 3rd call}
Clarification to the bidders representations
SITC 3rd call corrigendum - 1
Construction of Police Barack in Kurnool Airport
Police barack drawing 1
Police barrak  drawing 2
Corrigendum 1
Corrigendum 2
Corrigendum 2 Drawing
Corrigendum 3
Corrigendum 3 Drawing
Corrigendum 4
Corrigendum 4 Drawing
Providing Barbed wire fencing to International airport Corrigendum - 2

“Sri Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy”
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh